Happy Monday – Best Funny Inspirational Quotes & WIshes

I’d rather be ‘Honest’ than “Impressive”..!!

“Allow Yourself”
to Hope, to believe & to Trust again,
don’t let a few bad memories stop you from having a good life!!

Special Good Morning Quote

The Depth of your Spirit..,
will determine the height of your Success.!!!

Victory is always Possible for the Person,
Who Refuses to Stop Fighting.!!

There needs to be another day between Sunday and Monday.

If you want happiness for an hour; take a nap,
If you want happiness for a day; go fishing,
If you want happiness for a month; get married,
If you want happiness for a year; inherit a fortune,
If you want happiness for a lifetime; HELP SOMEONE ELSE!!

The world is full of nice people. If you can’t find one, be one…!! Good morning.

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