Cheer Up Quotes

Good Morning – Have a cheerful day Quotes

The best way to CHEER yourself up is to try to CHEER somebody else up!

Good Morning   Happy Friday
Good Morning Happy Friday

A cheerful friend is like a sunny day spreading brightness all around.

Have a Cheerful day
Have a Cheerful day

Be cheerful and pass it on. Have a cheerful day.

Have a cheerful day
Have a cheerful day
Cheer Up Quotes
Cheer Up Quotes

“We think there is enough time to live..
But we don’t know which moment is the final one….
So share, cheer & Love every movement of life!”

Running away from your Problems is a Race you’ll never Win,
You may not be Proud of all the things you’ve done in the Past,
but right now is a New Beginning,
It’s doesn’t matter who you used to be;
what matters is ‘Who You are Today’;
What you do TODAY can improve all of your tomorrows,
So don’t Run; instead do something that Creates Positive Change.!!!

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