Good Night Romantic Love Quotes and Greetings for Her

Good Night my beautiful, cheerful, sleepy followers and friends!! Post some more stuff tomorrow!!

Damn Romantic Words ever…,
“I can’t take you to the moon…but I can make you feel that you are in it..!!”

Love all of you from the bottom of my heart! Goodnight everyone!

Good Night My Love

Good Night My Love

Can’t wait to c u tomorrow night.
Wish you didn’t have to stay over for work.
Miss you and Love you Much! – Good Night Darling.

Cute Good Night Quote for Her

Cute Good Night Quote for Her

I want you there love..
I want to hold you and kiss you and
remind you how much I love you..
I’ll be waiting for you to come!!!
I’m sorry you’ve had a rough day…
I’m here for you my sweet one!!! I love you!!

Good Night Sweet Heart

Good Night Sweet Heart

Good Night Sweet Heart – Hope to meet up with you in my dreams.

Good Night - Colorful red rose

Good Night – Colorful red rose

You have to kiss me at night. Its the Law!

I love you like the Stars Love the night Sky
Like the Moon loves to Glow
Like the Sun loves to Shine bright
Like the Wind loves to Blow
Like the Winter loves to make it Snow
Like a Heart loves to Beat,
for mine will never stop because you hold the key..!!

Good night!!!! Love you all and all of you are beautiful!!!
U can comment anything and I’ll write it down on a piece of paper and put it in my locker! Love ya!!!

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