Inspirational Good Morning Yoga Breath Quotes

Invitation to Breath: FB Apnea ­ Do you know that when you are reading or posting fb updates, you are either breathing shallow or holding your breath. This in­turn causes physiological & psychological changes in your body which causes stress. By breathing slowly and deeply you can inhibit the trauma to your body & mind. Breathe slowly & deeply when you are inside facebook.


Breath Quote With Good Morning.

Yoga Breath Quote - Good Morning

Yoga Breath Quote – Good Morning

Just Breath… Everything is going to be okay.

The breath is responsible for 90% of our body’s energy: The simple act of inhaling oxygenates and energises every one of the trillions of cells in the body.It stands to reason we should concentrate on improving our breathing capability. Energy is like money, it has to be regained after you have spent it, or you end up in deficit. When there is deficit check your energy expenditure and make space to recover for it. Avoid getting into energy deficit and strive toward staying energised consistently.

“I am Breathing in and I am Breathing out” Awareness of your breath implies that you are simultaneously aware of your consciousness. Most people are not aware or conscious that they are breathing and wrapped in their own thought process and actions. Becoming aware of your breathe helps you not to lose in your physical and mental activity. After reading this update, now take action ­ Close your eyes(after reading the update). Become aware of your next 7 breaths.

The only thing under your control & that too only when you are aware…21,600 times a day we perform this action. Be the Breath! Take 7 slow & deep breaths and move onto the next task!


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